New Customers

What to Expect As a New Customer

Stage 1: Documentation

Most small business owners have a fly-by-night list of their equipment on old receipts and pieces of scratch paper. WCC documents everything in its current set up so that the company is in command of all of its assets and information. The most current version of this information is delivered to the owner at the conclusion of the service agreement with WCC. All of the data is backed up by WCC so you are never left in a lurch.

This process is important for several reasons:

  1. Making wise choices about equipment maintenance and upgrades
  2. When an employee is transitioning in or out of a job
  3. In case it is ever needed for insurance purposes

Stage 2: Consolidation

For example, a business with 10 employees doesn’t need 8 servers. There is less of a chance of things going wrong and being lost when systems are easy to manage. Once unnecessary redundancies are eliminated and the current system is stable, then WCC makes sure it is completely secure.

Stage 3: Upgrades

Upgrading equipment doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing everything new. Sometimes, existing machines just need a bit more RAM to make them more efficient. Using virtualized hardware reduces the amount of actual hardware servers that have to be purchased and maintained, and even cuts the total cost of the power bill!

As an authorized reseller, CROSS LINK WCC will research and find the best deal for you.

Stage 4: Maintenance

Minimize the risk of a software crash or a glitchy virus by taking care of simple back-ups and anti-virus updates. By addressing problems before they happen, you won’t lose functionality when business operations are critical.

Stage 5: General Operating System and Microsoft Office Training


With a little training, the staff can use the same platform, creating a common knowledge base that helps everyone work more efficiently. Training can be conducted collectively or one-on-one.